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About Community Service Help

From inception it has been our mission to provide access to alternative community service to anyone that asks throughout North Carolina. It is our firm belief that wrapping this alternative community service in education allows us to touch the lives of at-risk individuals throughout our state.

North Carolina Community Service was originated to make community service rehabilitative and not punitive as sentenced by the courts. It was also formed to allow access to this opportunity of self education and rehabilitation to all individuals that would have difficulty conforming to the constraints of traditional community service. Over time we have been able to serve at-risk individuals that come from all segments within society. We have helped those that serve in the military, those that are handicapped, and those that live in big and small cities alike. Our program is equal access and can be utilized for rehabilitation within any at-risk segment of society.

In fact, our model of interactive rehabilitative education is now being expanded far beyond the borders of North Carolina and into the rest of the nation. Nonprofit organizations in collaboration with our sister community service organizations are sweeping the nation with this reformed and proven effective method of online community service. This program has been seen as a rehabilitation revolution and the first step in converting the court system away from punitive sentencing and into programs that can change lives for the better.

We Will Save You Money

No matter how you look at court ordered community service, it is filled with unnecessary expenses. From the fact that service can only be completed by missing work, and therefore losing income, to the fact that most charities are not conveniently located and require you to commute back and forth and lose money on gas. The entire system is designed to cause stress and pressure on those that are forced to serve. Nothing illustrates this better than one of our customers, Yvette, who explained to us that had she not participated in our program, traditional community service would have cost her nearly $1700. That included gas money, lost wages, and day care. But with our program Yvette spent less than $50 and did not have to lose any time from work. It is for people like Yvette that we designed North Carolina Community Service.

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